December 23, 2009


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with girls and boy…

Today I had the fun of going to the mall with my lovely niece, Annie, age 10, and my own children, Grace -age 4 and Ethan -age 3.  We went into several stores, getting everything from open ended metric wrenches (yes, I had to have it written down) to pink lotion, a must-have for my daughter.  When we were in a store just for girls ‘Justice’, we were looking at pretty clothes with flowers and butterflies, puppies and roses, and pink curly hair ribbons, and sequin-studded fur-trimmed sweaters, and sparkly purses in hot pink and lavender…

In the midst of this feast for our senses, Ethan states “Mom, my feet are really tired of this store.”


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  1. heather c. said,

    so honest…love it!!! You’re just preparing him for someday when he marries and his wife makes him go shopping!

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