December 20, 2009

Who’s influencing you today?

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Just thinking out loud…

So, everyone’s talking about this new movie, Avatar.  After listening to an interview with James Cameron, I decided to look into it a bit.  Avatar is the first movie he’s directed since Titanic.  In the interview, he stated that the Hindu faith influenced this movie~ that the title, Avatar, is a Hindu word meaning the incarnation/manifestation of a divine being or deity on earth… to put a consciousness into an alternate being.   Obvious difference between this and Christianity is many gods vs. only One.  Immediately, I thought, how odd?  that he would have this movie coming out at Christmas, a time when Christians around the world celebrate the appearance, human birth of a divine being, and not just any “divine being”, but the only one true living God, Jesus made flesh to dwell among us.  The Bible describes God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  (see John 1) possibly confusing to those who don’t know that Jesus existed with the Father in heaven before he was born on earth many years ago.   Avatar, in the Hindu faith, actually means descents (plural, and innumerable) of Vishnu, part of the Hindu trinity.  Traditionally, there are ten avatars who are most famous for their influence on human society.  Avatar can refer to any number of gods in the flesh, who deliberately descended from heaven to earth.  This is quite different from Christianity.  In the Bible, God came to earth as a baby, as my kids are learning about Jesus in our nativity set… here is “baby God”.  Just important to note that I don’t want to make too much about a movie, as I will most likely rent it… not a huge fan of the theatre.  James Cameron’s choice for a movie title just got me thinking… I just want to be alert and know what is influencing the movies and entertainment I choose to see.  When a person is rooted in God’s Word, and His Word and Spirit lives in them, they can see the truth and the lies about them.  Have you been in God’s Word today?  More importantly, is He in you?



  1. Laura Bubna said,

    Good thoughts! :0)

  2. Travis Krant said,

    Well said Nona……

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